Jack the Giant Slayer

Control scheme

  • Control the direction of the giant

  • Control the attack

  • Pause / unpause the game


Welcome to the Jack the Giant slayer game! In this game you can control Fallon the two headed-leader of the giants. Raise havok by running to the castle and smash everything on your way.

How to play

This game is about creating as much havok as possible. Control Fallon by pointing the mouse cursor where he needs to run and smash objects by clicking on them. Earn more points by precisely clicking on objects and characters.

Fallon can become enraged by eating livestock. Try to click on as many cows and sheep within reach of Fallon and fill the ‘rage’ counter. When enraged, each object smashed will award you three times as many points!

Game preview


  • Use your mouse to move. Click an area to target.
  • Eat livestock to build up rage. When enraged, each score is tripled!
  • Hit as many targets as possible.
  • Avoid rocks being thrown at the giant from the Castle.
  • Targets fleeing from a destroyed house will award you more points.
  • Find and smash all special characters for bonus points.
  • Try to pick up a club by clicking on it. Wield it as a weapon, to increasing your reach and score.

Chrome Users

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